Tom Groenestyn (groon·steen) is a Melbourne based animator.

A graduate of the Queensland College of Art, he has animated on Disney XD's Space Chickens in Space, co-curated & exhibited in a number of exhibitions such as Art Show in The Small Long House and Blockdown, been an Artist in Residence at the Tenjinyama Art Studio in Sapporo, Japan, and had work published by the likes of Shortbox, Hag-Mag & Lifted Brow.

As an Illustrator, Tom is forever chasing the thrill of the weird, the cool, the sincere.

As an animator, he's highly experienced in ToonBoom Harmony (rigged & hand drawn), Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint animation workflows, while proficient in TVPaint, Adobe Animate/Flash & After Effects.

Available immediately for freelance work either remotely or in-house in Melbourne.

Always open to collabs!

16 - Queensland College of Art: BA Animation

17/18 - Studio Moshi: Space Chickens in Space (TV series)

18 - Screening in The Backyard: Say Squeeze!! (film)

19 - Tenjinyama Art Studio: Artist in Residence (animated shorts)

19 - Shortbox John Wick Zine: Lost Johns (comic)

19 - Art Show in The Small Long House: Trucks (film & painting)

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