Zines + Published Work

Tidy Bots Zine WEB.pdf

Tidy Botz Zine - Tom Groenestyn & Leo Mirzaie

A zine tribute to the home-made video game guide books of our childhoods


Bone Bone Zine - Tom Groenestyn, Tiff Yue, Tina Tran, Wendy Tang, James Lindsay, Tim Sta-Ana

A zine tribute to our most beloved internet cat, Bone Bone


Big Bot Zine - Tom Groenestyn

A zine collection of mechs I drew

John Wick Zine - Shortbox (Zainab Akhtar), Cover by Jane Mai, 2-page spread by Tom Groenestyn

A zine celebrating the John Wick Franchise organised & published by Shortbox, I contributed a 2-page comic

HAG MAG Issue 3 - Georgette Stefoulis & Ella Sanderson, 2 pages contributed by Tom Groenestyn

A self published "absoooolutely chaotic shit show of a magazine", I contributed 2 illustrated pages